Find Bigger Deals and Convert Higher Value Traffic Already on Your Site.
Quote Ninja is the BigCommerce tool you need to convert more B2B customers, and streamline your quoting process.
Use the same tool we used to
close a $155,000 deal
from a random B2B website visitor.
Are you still waiting on customers to call or email you?

 Or worse...
                         FAX you... 

                                             Like it's 1999 ... 
What's your current process for sending them a quote once you get the request? 
I'm guessing there's some double or triple data entry going on...

Please don't tell me it's one of these.... 
  •  Basic Email
  •  Quickbooks
  • Excel
  •  Google Sheets
  •  A CRM
  •  Or worse..... a WORD PROCESSOR!
Put the full power of your website in your customers hands to generate their own quote requests

Empower your users to use the data you've worked so hard to put online. 

You need true visibility on every quote you and your reps create in real time. 

Your customers need to be able to checkout from their quote you send them? 

You should have detailed tracking history on when and if they opened the quotes?

You should know when your quotes convert.

Empower your customers, your sales staff, and yourself by becoming a Quote Ninja

Quote Ninja is designed to make you money!

It's easy to use, and is the fastest you'll ever Black Belt in any form of Karate!

How much $$$ are you losing with your current quote process? 

Give The Power To Your Customers to Help You Make Money

Empower Your Reps To Build Quotes In A Flash 
Let Me Show You How It Works:
Step #1: Give Your Customers A Way To Build A Quote
First we setup Request Quote Buttons on your product pages that are styled to match your theme. 

Quote Request in action.
Step #2: Quickly Send The Quote
You are notified of a new quote immediately. You then quickly draft and send a beautiful custom quote out of our dashboard. All features designed by REAL business owners based on the needs of REAL eCommerce businesses running on BigCommerce.
Step #3: Seamlessly Transition From Quote To Order
Allow your customers to quickly checkout from a quote using the link auto generated at time of quote creation.

Quotes sent with a few clicks of a button.

No More Double Data Entry!

Close the gap from Quote Request to Order.

Build as many Custom Quote Templates as needed

                             to FIT YOUR BUSINESS! 
Beautiful Quotes in as little as 2 Clicks
Limited Time Offer
Exclusive to B2B Workshop Attendees Only
White Belt
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 1 User
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Quotes Sent from
  • Complete Dashboard Access
  • Ninja Support!
Bonus Offer:
Access to our Quote Checkout Link for life of account.
$30/mo value
Blue Belt
Billed montly, no set up fee.
  • 2 Users
  • White Belt Features +
  • Cart Request Quote Button
  • Quotes sent from
  • Ninja Support!
Bonus Offer:
Advanced Product Page Quote Button for life of account
$49/mo value
Black Belt
Billed montly, no set up fee.
  • 3 Users
  • Blue Belt Features +
  • Email Checkout Button
  • Quotes sent from your domain
  • Ninja Support
Bonus Offer:
Access to our Enterprise Black Belt Plan for 1/2 off!
$99/mo value
All plans fully customizable to fit your business. 
Who Are These Quote Ninja Guys Anyways? 
That's me learning a few secrets from Warren Buffett!!! (Yes that really happened ;-)
  •  Designed by me John McCann
  •   Used in my multi-million dollar / yr B2B eCommerce biz
  •  Eventually re-built and launched as Quote Ninja for BigCommerce
  •  I have been running eCommerce sites for almost 10 years
  •  Specifically on BigCommerce since 2010
  •  My companies have done more than $30 million in sales
Let me share our B2B Quote secrets with you.
Let me show you how i took a $1500 quote request and turned it into a $155,000 order. 

if you're selling b2b or in a mAP regulate industry, we 
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